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Qurban Heritage 

We specialize in providing premium Qurban packages, ensuring the highest quality of meat for your sacred celebration. Elevate your Qurban Raya Hajj celebration with our exclusive packages.

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Premium Quality

Each cut of meat undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring you receive only the best.

Ethical Sourcing

Our Australian cows are raised in spacious, natural environments, adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Halal Assurance

Rest easy knowing that our meat is sourced, processed, and handled in strict accordance with Halal principles.

Exceptional Service 

From order to delivery, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for you.



This exclusive offer allows each buyer to acquire an entire premium Angus Cow, ensuring a grand and abundant celebration. 

MYR 9,058.00

1/7 of Angus

This premium offering features a meticulously selected Angus Cow, skillfully divided into 7 prime cuts, ensuring a diverse and delectable feast for your joyous occasion. 

MYR 1,322.00


This unique offer grants each buyer the exclusive ownership of an entire Brahman Cow, ensuring a bountiful and joyous celebration. 

MYR 8,588.00

1/7 of Brahman

Our unique Hereford Cow package designed for shared blessings. In this limited offer, one Brahman Cow will be sold to seven different buyers, allowing you to collectively partake in the joy of sacrifice. 

MYR 1,265.00

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